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Welcome to McDermott & Clawson, LLP

McDermott & Clawson, LLP is a boutique Southern California law firm specializing in the defense of Workers' Compensation litigation and employment related matters. Since the firm's inception in 1986 it has focused on representing Self-Insured Employers, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Public Agencies and Municipalities. The firm has 18 attorneys with offices in Los Angeles and Orange counties to serve our clients.

The firm's success can be traced to the ability to combine a thorough knowledge of the clients' needs and goals coupled with the attorney's ability to deliver quality legal services in a time efficient and cost effective manner. This combination has led to a level of service and satisfaction unmatched in the workers compensation defense community.

California has recently undergone a sweeping series of changes to the Workers' Compensation Laws. We maintain an aggressive internal training program to keep up-to-date with these changes and the impact they have on our clients. We provide educational seminars for our clients to keep them abreast of Legislative changes and significant case law decisions, and to suggest strategic options for claims handing.

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